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JT to Stp through dispatcher



I'm trying to find a way to get a stepfile attached to an item revision in Teamcenter.

As we have Visualization with step translator license I came to think about using it with our dispatcher setup,

OOTB there are no translator to convert JT to step. I have seen that there is a previewservice translator that converts 2D files.


Found a document on GTAC describing how to adjust DXF to PDF and was thinking I could use the same for JT to STP.

Has anyone made a custom translator using Visualization or do you think it will be possible to use previewservice to convert a JT to STP if I just add these extension to input and output?


Benefit with using dispatcher as I see it is that I get the file export and import plus I can add it to a workflow.


Have also tried run EPM-run-external-command in a workflow to get conversion made through Catia but I have some problems to get the script to run. Still investigating this options.



Re: JT to Stp through dispatcher

Did you consider using a workflow?


Check out page 382


Re: JT to Stp through dispatcher



Thanks for the reply and yes, this is what I have thought to use when I know what service on the TSTK I could use.

Still not sure if I can configure one out of the box or if I need to create a custom translation service and this I have no knowledege about.

Searched for custom translation as I do thik I have read about it somewhere but not found something yet.


At the moment I'm writing some C# code that will manage the translation after I have got the dataset exported to a folder just to get the functionallity to the users. 

Re: JT to Stp through dispatcher



You can use JT_Bi-Directional_Translator_for_STEP with the dispatcher.

You do not need to program something, just configure file based translator.

Re: JT to Stp through dispatcher

Is there a license needed for this?

Re: JT to Stp through dispatcher

Yes, you need the JT Bi-Directional Translator for STEP [VS22171].