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JT translation from CREO


I am investigating an issue of uncorrect generated JT file from CREO3.0. I use JT translator for CREO version 13.

The JT has been translated but some smaller faces are missing and hence the result is not a solid but sheet body.

Any idea how to control the JT translation from CREO would be very welcome.



Re: JT translation from CREO

You can generate the JT file with the interactive process in Creo and use different JT translation option files.  You can also set different Levels of Detail for faster viewing.


Look in the subdirectory where the JT translator is installed at the help files for descriptions of the Settings.

- Peter Heath - PLM Business Development Manager
ITI - Siemens Development and Solution Partner

Re: JT translation from CREO

Hello Peter,

thank You for reply with hints.

Later I found these options and now with which config file is the JT translation controled.

The problem for which I did the post was (hopefully) psecific and later discussed with GTAC. It is still unclear to me that som Creo part at the customer generated wrong JT, but the same part with the same configuration was on GTAC generated without problems and more by just OOTB setings.

But as I say, hopefully it will be only specific case and I will not get back to it.

Have a good day,