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Java Versions for Different versions of Teamcenter



Being a OEM supplier certain folks need to install multiple OEM Teamcenter.

First question, is it possible to install two different TC on same Client system? In such case when two different Java versions are required one of the either wont work with both Java installed. How to tackle with this senario.


Re: Java Versions for Different versions of Teamcenter

I am doing this on one of the systems. About Java: Teamcenter will anyway set it's own Java envt with TC_JRE_HOME in %TC_ROOT%\install\tem_init.bat during installation. So this should not be a problem.

But when switching between 2 TC Configs, FCC of previously running TC must be shut down and FMS_HOME must be changed. I handle this in batch files for each TC. So I removed env. variable FMS_HOME.

This is what batch files do...For ex . 2 TC configs are TC1 and TC2. Then the batch file of TC2 does following:

1. Set FMS_HOME for TC1 and stop the FCC
2. Set FMS_HOME for TC2 and start TC2.

Remember to have %FMS_HOME%\lib of both TC in PATH envt variable on machine to support file upload/download.