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LIfecycle Viewer Error

Hello everyone,


So we have been experiencing this for a while now.  I have been working closely with GTAC for a week now and have even had our guys from siemens come out and take a crack at it, we have tried a multitde of things with no success.  


The problem is only in our 4Tier client.  The Lifecycle Viewer application failes to open any item, when attemping we are given the error "Failed to establish connection with the server" followed by the error "failed to open file".  


I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has experienced this and what they have done in order to resolve the issue. 

We are TC and Vis 10.  All compatability has been checked by Siemens.



Steps to duplicate:

1. Open Teamcenter.

2. Click the Lifecycle Viewer application in the navigation pane.

3. search for a item, when dialogue box opens, double click the item.  

This is when we receive the error "Failed to establish connection with the server".


again, this is ONLY with our 4TIER client.


Please, any input at all is appreciated.





Re: LIfecycle Viewer Error

If you are able to download files from TC then
In GTAC this error is related to SSL or locale.
If SSL is enabled - Please see Adding Certifying Authorities certificates in the Lifecycle Visualization 10.1 Installation Guide.

if Locale is not en_US or you use other languges other then english then
This error can happen when TC user role name contains Russian/ja_JP /Other characters.
The problem occurs in the following cases:
1. SiteMasterLanguage=ja_JP or RU and role name contains Russian/Japanese character.
2. SiteMasterLanguage=en_US and Russian/Japanese role name is defined for en_US locale.

The problem doesn't occur with SiteMasterLanguage=en_US in case English role name is defined for en_US locale and Japanese role name is defined for ja_JP locale.

Re: LIfecycle Viewer Error

All languages are english


Re: LIfecycle Viewer Error

Are you using SSL?

Try to edit the PATH variable to include the following:

Re: LIfecycle Viewer Error

Although your efforts are very much appreciated...this did not work either.  This problem is becoming something of a nightmare.