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Limited array option by creating and using classification-attributes

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hello community,


I need your support in handling attributes and LOVs in the Classifications application. Currently I have 4 attributes that refer to different LOV. 3 of these LOVs contain a large number of values ​​(up to 600 divided into up to 3 sublevels).

The requirement is that any number of values ​​can be used as characteristics in the classification. For this I must use the array function with the attribute creation. Here is my problem: If I enter the array value greater than 7, I get the message:






If I ignore these, I see the desired number of entries. When classifying this works for more than 7 values, but if I want to change this again this is not possible. I did some research and found the following entry in the ClassificationAdmin documentation.


The total amount of characters allowed in the array is 256. Due to internal restrictions,
each text field requires an additional two characters. Therefore, the total characters of
an attribute value is calculated by:
Format length of the attribute x VLA (variable length array) length + VLA length x 2
(the format length of a key-LOV is always 31).
31 * 7 + 2 * 7 = 231 (valid)
31 * 8 + 2 * 8 = 264 (exceeds limit of 256)

I now understand that because of the system specifications it is not possible to assign more than 7 characteristics of a LOV to an object.

Does anyone know the problem? Do I actually need to increase the number of attributes so far, which are a maximum of 7 values ​​in a list. That´s nearly impossible, I need another solution.

Thanks for your support, Frank