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Link attribute value to localized ItemRevision.object_name

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I have a tough question, and I hope that someone can help with it.

Customer has localized Item_revision object_name. They have a name in english and german. The problem is that we cannot use this german localized name in SolidEdge draft file because it only takes the english name. I opened IR and GTAC wants that I create ER but we know how long can this take.

I know I can create new property in which we can write localized name, but this will duplicate localizations.

My question is: Is it possible that I create new property which will link its value to object_name and will always show german localized object name, so we do not have to duplicate? In this way I can use this property also in draft file. I hope you understand what I want to do.




Re: Link attribute value to localized ItemRevision.object_name

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Defining a property operation in BMIDE could be helpful here. (I have never worked on creation of "Property Operations", but telling you based on my theoratical understanding).


Create new property and define an operation on it. Inside the operations code, use SOA API DataManagementService.GetLocalizedProperties() to get localized value of the property.

Re: Link attribute value to localized ItemRevision.object_name

Thank you for the answer. You have pointed me to the right direction, now I just have to figure out how to program it or find someone who will.