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Long/Large Query Discovery


We had a Tc audit performed by an outside firm, and I have been tasked with trying to find out if there are long queries being performed.  In that we are using MS-SQL, how would I discover, observe, that long queries are being performed?
The text in our Audit states the following:

Limit Large Queries

Siemens has noted that users running large queries on the database can cause tcserver processes to stop responding.  

Client should have their database administrator review the database activity and look for large/long running queries against the database.  If long queries are found, DRS should review their best practices and educate users on the ramifications of such queries.




Re: Long/Large Query Discovery

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Hi Lindy,


Tcserver process are used by various operations inside Teamcenter or outside teamcenter (for example any utiltiy or tool connecting to TCDB). In my view, you can use following approach.


1. Check in Teamcenter for standalone queries written in TC Query module. How complex these quiers are written ? May be some of the quries you can simplify.


2. Check for ITK Programms , any serverside customization which is creating more unncessary calls to TC DB.


3. Check for Teamcenter ulities which are running may be from scheduler or third party application.


I hope this gives you some hint  how to proceed. Basically you have to reduce number of call which are going to TCDB via TcServer process.



Harshal Vispute



Technical Consultant @ Atos , Germany
ITK , T4S Interface

Re: Long/Large Query Discovery


Thank you for your input.

So in a simpler explnation of what I am looking for....

If I had a run away program on my laptop I could look at Task Manager Performance Tab and CPU Usage or Memory Usage pegged.  My assumption is that MS SQL Server has a tool that might show me something similar.  Of course if I don't have a baseline established, how do I determine something out of the ordinary is occuring, or that once I do determine something wrong is occuring, how do I trace it back to a specific reason?  e.g. A user query, Tc request, etc.