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MES BOP Status

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I am experimenting with creating an execution plan for a MES-system according to the documentation found here (PDF Page 20/120).


I am working in a collaboration context of type "Execution Plan" per the documentation's instructions.


According to the documentation, when starting to create the BOP, the items should get a "MES Work In Progress" status (shown with the column "Rule Configured By"), but I am only getting a "Working()" status per the screenshot below, which consequently gives me MES validation errors shown below that.


2017-02-13 08_49_26-Ny VM Jens - VMware Workstation.png


Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or how to get the correct status on the part? The MES-features are installed per the documentation and all the relevant item menus consequently show up, so in addition to the installation not having any errors I suppose it is all installed correctly.


My environment:

TC 10.1.7

AWC 3.1.1

EWI 3.1.1


Windows Server 2012


Thank you.