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Make_User Utility for inactivating user in all groups


TC 10.1.7

Organization module


When you go to set the User Status to inactive in the UI, it will give you a prompt 'User is inactivated. Do you want to inactivate this user frmo all groups to which it belongs?"Inactivate All Members.png


Does the make_user utility support this functionality? Or any alternative method to achieve this in batch?


Can set the user status to inactive with the status argument. This works successfully, but does not change the status of the group member status.


ex. |userid||||status|1|update


Tried with adding in group/role to see if it would also take out the group member status of the default group but does not.


Can set the group member status to inactive with the gm_status argument.  But the utility returns an error if this is attempted on the users default group/role.  


ex. |userid||Group|Role|gm_status|1|update


Failed to set member status for groupmember: 10129

10129 - You can not deactivate the user's last role from his/her default group.  

Approver is the last active role of the user username <userid> in his/her default group.


Also, if the user status has been set to inactive, then this same gm_status command gives a different error.  


ERROR 10035 set group member role.

10035 - Error creating member with duplicate role


Re: Make_User Utility for inactivating user in all groups

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Solution Partner Phenom
A common practice is to create a group/role called "Inactive" then assign as the default before removing them from other group(s)/role(s). Once they have been removed from all except the default then inactivate.

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