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Managing common Teamcenter folder


Hello experts need help


we are slowly moving our locally managed projects to TC, so curretly users are saving thier data to a shared drive with designated folder structure


In TC the data is oragnised using the Projects, now users are asking if they can create a folder structre similar to outside TC and share the same folder structure to all users, so that they can all have the same kind of oranised data in TC.





--- Subproject

--------- Assembly 1

----------Assembly 2


while importing data to TC i am importing making this folder a default container, so that the data is oranzied similar to outside TC. now how i can sahre this folder to diffrent users.


One was is i can search for users home folder and copy-paste the folder to users home folder. any other suggestion/solutions






Re: Managing common Teamcenter folder

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
You should be able to perform a General search against type Folder and provide the folder Name. Then copy the search result and paste into the users Home folder. Or have them perform the search. Its easiest if the folder name is unique and if it isn't then you'll need to do a where referenced to ensure you have the correct folder.

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