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Managing the Teamcenter ecosystem



I am Evan. I am working with Teamcenter since 2005. Since that time I have made a long journey in the Teamcenter world to where I am now.

I want to start a discussion on managing the Teamcenter ecosystem. Teamcenter itself is a complicated collection of servers, network, applications. Probably it is connected to other systems. In other words, a very complicated system. How do you manage that? How do you make sure that your system is healthy, available, stable, performing well etc.

We often discuss aspects of this, but I could not find any topics discussing managing the Teamcenter ecosystem.

I know it is a big topic but for me it is an important one for me.

I am curious what you have to say about it.

Regards, Evan.


Re: Managing the Teamcenter ecosystem

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Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
@EvanThePLMGeniu, Welcome.

This topic feels too broad to cover with anything other that a high-level discussion and won't result in the dirty little details that I think you're driving for. May I suggest starting several inter-related topics that take on a specific facet that you're interested in? For instance, what do you mean by "manage"? Your second question is better as its more specific. How do you make sure that your system is:
- Healthy
- Available
- Stable
- Performing Well

May I suggest that you pick one of the above and spend some time telling us what it means to you? For instance, "Available" - no system is available 100% of the time without going to extremes in cost and architecture. What amount of "Available" is acceptable? When do you take it down? Consider: Data model changes, upgrades, patches, new features, security ... and the list goes on. Maybe start with a specific system? FMS, Server/Pool Manager, Web Tier ... whatever. Anyway, I'm sure you follow what I'm trying to say and I look forward to many posts with you.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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