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Manually Configure TC help (index.html / PUB) on IIS, but not able to search


Hello Experts,

A strange problem I am facing now these days, I have manually configured Tc Help over IIS. It is opening perfectly without any issue from below URL in browser.


URL: http://***.***.***.**:9092/


But when I am searching for any keyword in search box it is not providing any search results. Still at the same time if I open the index.html page directly from windows directory and searching for some keyword   it is getting results.


I am not sure but may be the only difference Is IIS and IIS in between doing something that’s why the site not able to search and put results. Any idea over this will be very helpful.


Please suggest.


2016-07-07 12_05_55-Siemens Documentation - Internet Explorer.png2016-07-07 12_07_20-Siemens Documentation - Internet Explorer.png






Re: Manually Configure TC help (index.html / PUB) on IIS, but not able to search

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I would install the new documentation server and the new help from Tc 10.1.4, since this uses SOLR, which is much faster than the old help search feature and is not relying on Java.

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