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Map CATIA version to Teamcenter


catversion.pngHello everyone,


We have several project teams using different versions of CATIA. But currently, only V22 is integrated with teamcenter. V24,25,26 integration does work. Here is the problem. 


We don't want user to open a V22 part with 25 Catia and save it back to Teamcenter. We plan to have a property to show on summary page about Catia version the part is created from.


if you open a part and click file-> document property, you will see Saved Document Version show in Fig.


I know it is possible to map customed and standard attributes from Catia, how to mapped this Saved Document Version attribute?


Thanks for you reply!



Re: Map CATIA version to Teamcenter




This is already supported with TcIC (CATIA Integration). You can find the information about catia version in catia_doc_attribute form present under Dataset (CATPart/CATProduct) in property named as "OEM_CATIA_Version" You need to manage your stylesheet for ItemRevision to map this in Summary Page in Teamcenter.




While Use case "We don't want user to open a V22 part with 25 Catia and save it back to Teamcenter" is Indeed possible using mutil CATIA Enviornment management approach. Here Need to define Enviornment for each CATIA Version and then map the same to Teamcenter preference. Once you define below preference correctly then even you load CATIA22 part in CATIA R26, TcIC prevent this part to same as Enviornment mistmatch.


Below preference is useful here

CATIA_check_env= <Defined value as "ENV" here)

CATIA_CE_EnvList=<Define CATIA Env file name for each verison and Enviornment name>

For E.g.

CATIAB22_R22 9 (Named of CATIA Env File)

Env1_Name1_R22 ( Name as per your wish for Enviornement )





Re: Map CATIA version to Teamcenter


Thank you so much Bhojraj! This will be great help beyond the guide. 


Can I ask one more question?  


Currently, our CATIA integration uses R22 during the installation(installanywhere). We just put R25/6 standalone on the same workstation. CAA folder is not populated but generated through test environment. In order to use multi CATIA environment, do we need to go through installation process using install anywhere each time for each version of CATIA? We want to use R22 and 25, install twice on the same workstation? Or we just put the CAA file there.


It is because I put the CAA file there for R25, and create a icon, it becomes integrated with Teamcenter, however not work as we want in PSE because we have done what you mentioned.


Again, really appreciate your help! 

Re: Map CATIA version to Teamcenter




You dont need to install TcIC again for configuration R25. 


1. Copy the CAA of R25 in TCIC CAA directory

2. Open CATIA Env file of R25 and source TcIC path here. (You can take sample from your R22 env file which you generated for TcIC)

3. Open catia_env file from %TCICV5_DIR%\env folder and edit this file to add R25 details as shown below



Format here 


CATIA Version

CATIA Installation path

TCIC Env file name

Directory where TCIC Env File exist



4. Define the preferences if you planning to use multiple CATIA Enviornment approach.  Preferences are mentioned in earlier thread.


And I think  you are done then and can use R25 here.

Re: Map CATIA version to Teamcenter


OK. I think I completely understand. I will give it a shot. I really appreciate your help!