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Materials in NX Reuse library, any success?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

We have been trying to setup a materials library in Teamcenter 10.0.2, to work with the NX reuse library, per "Teamcenter 10.1   Materials Management Solution Guide".  Since we don't have a Tc guru on staff, it's been a struggle, as is finding the right person at Siemens to help.  I realize it is very new to the "public" side of Tc and NX, but it has been around for certain sites since NX 7.5.2.


Has anyone been able to implement this?  or know who we should talk to at Siemens?

NX1867(if it had versions) | Teamcenter 11.6 | Windows 10

Re: Materials in NX Reuse library, any success?