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Missing Icons in Teamcenter

Hello All,


I am using TC 11.2.1

I created few Business Objects in BMIDE (Item & Item revisions). I also managed to add the icons to them (16x16 as required) and after deploying the template, i see only the Item in client with default symbols.


I tried deleting the RAC and Temp files but that didn't bring anything.


Any one with such experience here or can any one give me a tip please?


Many Thanks

Arun Kumar  G


Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

This should help.


  1. Copy icons in %TC_ROOT%\ portal\plugins\configuration_10000.1.0\images
  2. Add following rows in %TC_ROOT%\ portal\plugins\configuration_10000.1.0\ (create if does not exist)



  1. %TC_ROOT%\ portal\registry\genregxml.bat 

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

Hi, This doesn't seem to help.

I have done all this but still no luck. Thanks

Accepted by topic author ArunG
‎08-12-2016 02:04 AM

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

The issue has been fixed.

Although my icons were all 16X16 and BMIDE accepts them, Teamcenter client is not compatible with it.

The reason for that is, the icons were manually created by me using screenshots from Word/PPT.


I used standard icons from websites which do not have any issues at all. My Siemens colleague tells me using right tool for developing icon matters too. He suggested me GIMP.

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

I have been using MS Paint to edit image and then image editor from Microsoft Office 2010 to resize them to 16x16. I never had problems seeing them in TC.

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

MS Paint seems fine too. Agree. I have been following ugly way using MS Word and then Screenshots followed by online conversion tools to convert png to 16x16 ico format. Finally i renamed .ico to .png.

BMIDE accepts them as long as it is 16x16 or lesser in size. But it is TC client that fails to catch up with the bad icons.


There are quite a few tools that works well.


Thanks for your efforts in replying.

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

changing the file name from .ico to .png is NOT the way to change file type.
Next time just do SaveAs to png

Re: Missing Icons in Teamcenter

This is old approcah. in new version via BMIDE