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Missing workflow release handler?


I'm configuring a release workflow in Teamcenter 11.4, and have a strange issue...looking at the documentation (PLM00037 workflow designer, page 257) it looks like the action handler meant to freeze/write protect workflow targets on workflow completion is named "ASBUILT-release-asbuilt-structure".


Trouble is, this handler is not in my list of available action handlers, and I cannot type it in manually either...any ideas? All other handlers I've needed to add have appeared in the drop-down list; this isn't something that requries BMIDE configuration is it? See screenshot for what i'm seeing. Any help greatly appreciated!


Re: Missing workflow release handler?

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The ASBUILT handler is added when you add the ASBUILT Service Lifecycle modules (same as ASMAINTAINED) to your data model (and TEM). Applying a status will usually lock down the workflow targets.

You can force the freeze/write protect using EPM-set-rule-based-protection with a value of Vault if your experience applying a status is different than mine.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Missing workflow release handler?


Thanks Randy, I'll give that a try.

I did some preliminary testing with the TCM Released and TC Default Baseline processes, and didn't think either of those actually applied write-protection once the status was applied. I just checked again though, and you're right. That's why I was looking for a handler to explicitly write-protect; I was making it too complicated, thank you!