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NX CAD data not saving to Teamcenter


Hello Admins


we have ~25users started working in TC+NX, one particular group and specifically 2-3 users complaing that

  1. They save the data from NX to TC, it show message as saved
  2. They come later may be after a day, but when they open the data it is not showing the latest data that they saved
  3. as per them them They try couple times  open-reopen-REDO and try save and it works after some tries. NO Erros messages/alerts/ access issues

Thery are not able to repeat the steps to me, so basically can't reproduce, none of other user have complained. but this teams feedback is affecting overall TC implementation. 


Any imputs on what to check/track


Any input from admins on what logs or tracking that i can do so that i will know what they are doing in


Re: NX CAD data not saving to Teamcenter

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Good afternoon,

1) Check the date the NX dataset was changed in Teamcenter
2) Check the last modifying user
3) Verify that when you open NX, you use the correct Teamcenter revision rule