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Name field


How to restrict "Name" field to allow less than 128 characters?

In Teamcenter 8.3, Name field can take 128 characters which is defined in the teamcenter model. Now, I have to reduce it into hundred character limit. Which is the best way to do it? Bmide or Xml rendering or
Using java:

• Obtaining one form property
TCFormProperty p = f.getFormTCProperty(“my_prop_name”);

Any suggestions...


Re: Name field

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If it were TC11.x,  you could set a naming rule (with regex to limit the character input) on any persistent property (TC enlarged the naming rule applicability on properties from TC 8.3 to TC9.x to TC 10.x to TC11)


I don't seem to recall if naming rules worked in TC 8.3: If they don't work, you could avoid customization by creating a custom name attribute (hide it from users), set the custom attribute to your desired character limit and then do a complexproperty (using custom attribute) on object_name field.




Re: Name field




If it's available in TC 11 means, that's great. But regular expressions have limitations in TC.