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Naming Rules based on a preference value

I have a Teamcenter site preference which stores the name of the Teamcenter site in short hand format. For example BLV for Boulevard, LDN for London and so on. I have a need to create a naming rule that looks like LDN-nnnn at LONDON site and BLV-nnnn at Boulevard site. I see from the documentation of BMIDE that something like this would be achievable. I tried something like this: "${SITE:K0ml_SITENAME}-"nnnn However, this is not giving me the intended result. Any pointers are most welcome. Thanks, Pavan.

Re: Naming Rules based on a preference value



I believe you problem can be solved by using conditions.

Create a default naming rule for site Boulevard and attach it to the business object using condition "is True" so it will always be applied unless there is other condition.

Create another condition named IsLondon using custom parameter Usersession with the expression being like in the picture attached with your London sitename.

Create another naming rule and attach it to your Business Object with the new condition created.

This method will check for User site attribute and will apply the condition.


Good luck,

Ionut Bilibou

Re: Naming Rules based on a preference value

Use this condition setup you suggest IonutBilibou but I base it on the user group and role to that determine which naming rule to use. Works great!

Re: Naming Rules based on a preference value

You can use ${SITENAME}
if you don't mind changing the site name.