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Need to get uom_tag value of all the Items in our PS_BOM Report

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

How to get this uom_tag value in our report .


I could not find the XSL value to fetch this from Item properties.


Some of the similar property values 

<xsl:variable name="itemID" select="$prtele/plm:UserData/plm:UserValue[@title='item_id']/@value"/>
<xsl:variable name="itemRev" select="$prtele/plm:UserData/plm:UserValue[@title='item_revision_id']/@value"/>
<xsl:variable name="itemName" select="$prtele/plm:UserData/plm:UserValue[@title='object_name']/@value"/>

<xsl:variable name="designID" select="/plm:PLMXML/plm:DesignRevision[@id='id']/@revision"/>


Please help me to get the report with Unit of Measure value of all Items