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.Net Server Manager is not running

Hello Team,


I have installed .Net Pool Manager & .Net Web Tier,

.Net server Manager Services are running and log shows no error,  but still console shows Server Manager not running

any suggestions?


log details for reference:-


2018-01-29 17:10:10 [4] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManagerService.ServerManager [(null)] - Server Manager Windows Service starting up.
2018-01-29 17:10:10 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.StartServerPoolManager [(null)] - Server Manager starting up.
2018-01-29 17:10:10 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.ServerPoolManager [(null)] - Server Manager hosting server pool with ID: TcPoolA started; Hosting remoting endpoint at port: 12060
2018-01-29 17:10:10 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.ServerPoolManager+ServerManagerPeriodicWorkerProcess [(null)] - This instance of Server Manager has ID: 12060@a******8@5684 and will host server pool with ID: TcPoolA
2018-01-29 17:10:10 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.ServerPoolManager+ServerManagerPeriodicWorkerProcess [(null)] -
Global Pool Configuration (globalPoolConfig):
Query Time Out (queryTimeOut): 0
Soft Time Out Stateless (softTimeOutStateless): 1200
Soft Time Out Read (softTimeOutRead): 28800
Soft Time Out Edit (softTimeOutEdit): 28800
Hard Time Out Stateless (hardTimeOutStateless): 28800
Hard Time Out Read (hardTimeOutRead): 28800
Hard Time Out Edit (hardTimeOutEdit): 28800
Process Ready Time Out (processReadyTimeout): 300
Periodic Sleep Time (periodicSleepTime): 4000

Configuration of Pool with ID: TcPoolA
Pool Remoting Port (poolPort): 12060
Maximum number of servers (processMax): 400
Minimum number of warm servers (processWarm): 5
Process target (processTarget): 6:00 8,19:00 4
Logins per minute (loginsPerMinute): 0
Process Creation Delay (processCreationDelay): 2000 3000 5000 8000
2018-01-29 17:10:14 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.TecsMonitor [(null)] - tecs> 2018/01/29-09:10:11,422 UTC MLD Log init: com.teamcenter.mld version V11000.2.0.31_34_20171016.00 (20171017) found at D:\splmlocal\bedev00\appl\tc112\net_servermanager\
INFO - NoId - 2018/01/29-09:10:14,622 UTC - a******8 - TECS is not running


2018-01-29 17:10:14 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.StartServerPoolManager [(null)] - TECS started by .NET ServerManager. Output is written to D:\splmlocal\bedev00\appl\tc112\net_servermanager\\tecs.out

2018-01-29 17:10:14 [6] INFO Teamcenter.Enterprise.ServerManager.StartServerPoolManager [(null)] - To terminate TECS, use D:\splmlocal\bedev00\appl\tc112\net_servermanager\\tecsstop.bat






Re: .Net Server Manager is not running


I suggest you:

1. Check net_servermanager folder in TC path for any log files.

2. Bypass the server manager service and start it using cmdline netmgrstart.bat to see errors.

Re: .Net Server Manager is not running

I just found the mistake which i have done, i have mistakenely given wrong port in web tier for server manager peers.

thats why, even server manager was running correctly web tier was not able to find the correct server manager.