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No Flexlm license is available for Teamcenter optional module 'STEP'


I am getting an error trying to do a STEP export. The error I am getting is exactly what the subject title of this post is. The syslog says this:

No Flexlm license is available for Teamcenter STEP export feature - Teamcenter.SOA.ict at D:\workdir\tc10161x_win64\src\server\ict\ictimportexportservice.cxx(2338)

Not a whole lot different than the rac log. Anyway, I am wondering what this STEP is....Is it a feature in a license bundle? How do I get access to this?

I have seen this STEP before in the client specific properties file, but when I add it there it doesn't make the error message go away, which leads me to believe our license bundle doesn't allow this functionality...How can I verify this?