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OTW Installtion error




I am setting up OTW cleint installtion for TC serevr setup sandbox server, when i start otw.html on client machine here what happens




  1. I can install otw cleint and login on server itself, so the config seems fine
  2. I have opened the ports 12099 on client mahcine and server
  3. due to security restrictions, our machines or disbaled for "ping" and free port test, but from Client machine i was able to access webclient and also remote using host/ipaddress to server

appreciate Any tips from group memebers on what i should be checking to make it work


Re: OTW Installtion error

Solution Partner Honored Contributor Solution Partner Honored Contributor
Solution Partner Honored Contributor
There are two more ports that need to be opened up. By default, the value is "0" for the Remote Object Port
and File Transfer Port which uses a range of ports. By changing the values, you can make opening the ports easier. See INSWEB, Distribution Server, Context Parameters. For instance:
12099 RMI Port
12098 Remote Object Port
12097 File Transfer Port

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