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Opening macro enabled files via ActiveWorkspace


I have set up office client integration with teamcenter, and I have installed the Active Workspace Launcher/TcClientAppLauncher.

I can open .docx and .xlsx files through active workspace, but not the macro enabled versions of those files. The only thing I can do is download the the file, and open it after it is saved into my downloads folder. However, if I try and save documents this way, I need to cut the existing document and replace it.

With .xlsx files, I can open it directly from active workspace and save changes into teamcenter via the teamcenter ribbon in excel.


Is it possible to do this with macro enbabled files? When I try, I get one of two error messages:

1) Open in Office Client failed. Base Action of Operation not defined. Operation Dispatcher cannot be found.


2) Open in Office Client failed. No tool was found. The launch definition cannot be built without a tool.

I tried this action in both IE and Chrome, same result. Anyone have any insight?