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PDF content not shown in viewer or image viewer


Hi all.

I think PDF files content can be shown in Teamcenter itself via Viewer or ImageViewer or other panes.

But i wasn't able to activate this feature after installing both the certified Adobe Reader version and its extension in Teamcenter.


Is there any other setting that should be applied to enable PDF content preview?




Re: PDF content not shown in viewer or image viewer

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi sma,


first, can you open your PDF when you doubleclick?


Second, you've a second parameter into a "inifile" into the plmshare but I don't retrieve which file! Sorry...


In this file, you need to configure which Adobe you use.


I hope you will found.

PLM Technical IT

Re: PDF content not shown in viewer or image viewer

Thanks. Could you please provide more information? Which ini file?
When I open PDF from TC, external reader appears. I want to enable embedded viewer.

Re: PDF content not shown in viewer or image viewer

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Solution Partner Phenom
See SFB-Teamcenter-10052. Unfortunately it supersedes SFB-Teamcenter-7590 yet references that SFB as part of the solution. You will not be able to find SFB-Teamcenter-7590.

SFB-Teamcenter-10052 shows two methods for making PDF's viewable in the Viewer tab: one without TcVis (method 1) and the other with TcVis (method 2). I use method 1.

If you have a lot of licenses for TcVis (basically, one per Tc login user) then here is the full explanation for method 2...

The OOTB preference defaultViewerConfig.VIEWERCONFIG contains a value for the PDF dataset
PDF.PDFViewer = PDF_Reference,PDF

The PDFViewer is a NEVA viewer (IE with an applet that enable viewing PDF and PPT in the browser). This only works currently with the 32 bit application. Microsoft currently doesn't provide an addin to enable PDF or PPT viewing with their 64 bit version of the IE 8 Browser.

A workaround to view the PDF in the Viewer using the embedded Lifecycle Viewer is to edit the above preference to:
PDF.TCTwoDViewer = PDF_Reference,PDF

Verify the following preferences in Teamcenter that will allow viewing and markup of PDF datasets in TcVis embedded viewer.
defaultViewerConfig.VIEWERCONFIG Remove PDF.PDFViewer=PDF_Reference,PDF
Add PDF.TCTwoDViewer= PDF_Reference,PDF
TC_DIS_2D_named_ref Add "PDF_Reference"
TC_markup_named_ref Add "PDF_Reference"
DMI_markup_relation_primary Add "PDF"
VMU_FileSearchOrder Add "PDF_Reference"
VMU_Datasets Add "PDF"

Restart the Teamcenter Rich Client.

However, it will not work with the installed “FoundationViewer” and will require installing the TcVis embedded viewer. This is done on the server using INSWEB (for OTW) or on the client using TEM (for non-OTW).

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 12 | SW 2017 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating:AW 3.4

Re: PDF content not shown in viewer or image viewer




Use HTML viewer to open pdf in the embedded viewer.


Also, Latest version of acrobat reader  64 bit version has to be installed.


In my case:

Acrobat Reader DC 17.012.20098
Acrobat Reader 11.0.10 (if it is 11.0.04 also ,it will not work)