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PLM Export


Is there a simple method to export PDF's from an assembly in Teamcenter?

GIVEN: I have an ASSEMBLY made up of sub assemblies, and components.  The Assembly, sub assemblies, and components have PDF versions of their Drawings.  I would like to select a particular assembly level and have it traverse through the BOM and export the PDF's associated with that selection.



Re: PLM Export


I wanted the same solution when we were in TC8.3 but couldn't find something useful.

It ended up with that we created a custom meny in Rich Client with some code behind that traverse the item structure we have and presents the dataset for the users.

We use preferences to decide which relations and datasets to consider.

Today we use this to print documents in our fabrication sites using BatchPrint.

I'm at the moment adjusting it to try to get an export function to disk with the same kind of UI.

Not an answer to your question but it might give you some ideas.


A glance of the UI:


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