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PLMXML Export Custom ItemRevision data


I have the following datamodel setup:


Via PLMXML I would like to export properties:
- object_name
- object_string
- object_type
- owning_user
- owning_group
- creation_date
- lastMod_date


When I use this property set:
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.object_name: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.object_string: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.object_type: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.owning_user: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.owning_group: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.creation_date: DO
  CLASS.ItemRevision: PROPERTY.last_mod_date: DO


I get this as part of result:
<UserData id="id13">
   <UserValue title="object_name" value="Collection Of ERP Operations"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="object_string" value="ERPOperations/RevA-Collection Of ERP Operations"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="object_type" value="ItemRevision"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="owning_user" type="reference" value="" dataRef="#id3"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="owning_group" type="reference" value="" dataRef="#id7"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="creation_date" value="2016-05-24T08:38:57Z"></UserValue>
   <UserValue title="last_mod_date" value="2016-05-24T08:48:23Z"></UserValue>

If I had selected the OOTB ItemRevision


But when I select the custom FT4_ItemRevision and use the same Tranfermode (The tranfermode uses only a property set) as above I don't get any userdate\uservalue in my PLMXML-file.


What do i have to do to get this info also for the custom FT4_ItemRevision?



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‎11-02-2016 04:54 AM

Re: PLMXML Export Custom ItemRevision data

[ Edited ]

using TYPE.ItemRevision... instead of CLASS.ItemRevision... in Property Set should work.

Re: PLMXML Export Custom ItemRevision data

Thanks, this works. The only thing I had to change was TYPE.ItemRevision to TYPE.FT4_ItemRevision.

Re: PLMXML Export Custom ItemRevision data

I have a very similar situation.


I am trying to export properties for a custom item type FL4_ItemRevision.


I have a property set choosen, though when I export.  I am also getting a bunch of other properties, not specified in the property set.  I only want to export the properties specified in the property set.


Any ideas?