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Hello Everyone!


I am exporting Items using plmxm and when I do it with more than one  I have these Items in the same file. Is it possible to export many items at the same time and to have a file to each one?




Re: PLMXML Export




You could configure a workflow template to export items using PIE-export-to-plmxmlfile handler.

individual xml files can be achieved by launching 1 sub-process per workflow (parent process) target item.






Re: PLMXML Export

How can I do that?

Re: PLMXML Export

I figured out how to export single items using workflows, but when TC creates the item, it creates as .plmxml not .xml as I expected. Also, as I didn't specified the argument -file, it saves the file in TC_TMP_DIR, which I had to change in systems variables to save to the directory I want. Is there a way that I can specify the argument -file on the PIE-export-plmxmlfile to something like \\dir\ "item_id".xml?