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PLMXML Import error


On performing PLMXML Import, Items/Datasets are created successfully, but the named references are empty due to following errors in log:


ERROR-Occurred with Message:
#Severity #Code #Detailed Message
ERROR 1073 File C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Administrator2TierTransientVolume\plmxml_temp_573c7f0b\476340_H_1-TD0001739.CATProduct\TD0001739.CATProduct does not exist


I found the following, when I tracked the folder "Administrator2TierTransientVolume" during import process:


1. folder 'plmxml_temp_xxx' is created

2. target XML & log file are copied there, but CATIA files are NOT copied there.

3. Import process runs for a while and then gives above error.

4. 'plmxml_temp_xxx' folder is automatically deleted.


Any idea what could be wrong ?