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Part Numbering

Hello all,


TC automatic part numbering in NX is assigning incorrect part numbers.  Typically, when starting a new model you click "assign" for the part number, and it gives us a uniform part number.  Example:  ABC0000123, ABC0000124.  Now its just assigning a random 6 digit number not matching our standard.  This has happened from time to time on a few of our workstations at random.  Typically goes away after a restart.  Still have not been able to figure this out.


has anyone experienced this before?




Re: Part Numbering

Maybe the item type was changed.

This can happen when the template (pax) files are not available/accessible  when user presses the New command.

Re: Part Numbering

Have you defined the Naming rule for this particular Item Revison in BMIDE ?

Teamcenter 10.1.3
TC Visualization 10.1.3 (Custom Patch)
NX:8.5 | NX 9.02 | Catia V5 R2012 | AutoCAD 2015 | In-Context Editor |

Re: Part Numbering

I am not sure.  The particular machine was recently assigning part numbers properly.  The naming rule should not have changed.