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Permanently put attribute on released drawing sheet


I have done the attribute mapping for NX. So it will read attributes on item revision and put them on the drawing sheet automatically. 




I met a problem about the baseline ID. When I load a baseline drawing UGMASTER dataset, I am able to see the baseline ID. Becuase attribute mapping occurs when you load the drawing. 


But the generated PDF is not right. it is still an exact copy of the working revision, not the loaded baseline. The dispatcher uses the file in the name references of the baseline to translate into PDF. As baseline is an exact copy of the working rev, they have the same physical file stored in name references. So the two files of working and baseline are same. But when loaded, they will be different because new attributes are mapped.

Untitled1.pngUntitled2.pngSo how it will work is I load the baseline in NX, let the attributes mapped on the sheet, then save the baseline with DBA previlege, and translate the new saved NX file in the name references.Then, I will get right file and right PDF in the baseline.


Is there something auto that when user click baseline, it calls the workflow. Then it actually load the dataset, let the attribute mapped and save it, then call the translation service. Or are there some other way. I am really stuck on wrong PDF. It prevents us from implementing it,


Reall appreciate any replies!!!


Re: Permanently put attribute on released drawing sheet

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @will1 , I'm having almost a same requirement. The need is to insert a value (ID) in the drawing sheet after it is approved by an approver through a workflow which then submits the request to a dispatcher for cgm conversion. The value (ID) will be provided by the approver. Is there a way to get the ID from the approver and insert into the drawing before sending to dispatcher and also without giving the approver write access to the sheet? Your solution might also solve my problem too.