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Please help - - Active Workspace "Site - TileCollection"


Hello Experts,

In Teamcenter 4 Tier Architecture, by Mistake i have deleted "Site - TileCollection", And thus My Active Workspace Home Page is not proper (Icons not seen, etc etc).

I need to regeneratre this Site Specific Title, Please Let me know.. WOuld be of greatest help.




Re: Please help - - Active Workspace "Site - TileCollection"

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius
You can create the TileCollection manually using SaveAs from the infodba-TileCollection
Call it Site-TileCollection.

How to Reset a User's Home Page (aka Gateway)

If an important Tile is accidently unpinned, it can be restored using the RAC
or dhtml client.

The simplest way to do this is to revert the user's home page to use the
default for their Site/Group/Role. When this technique is used, the user will
lose all personal home page customizations.

1. Launch RAC or dhtml client.
2. Search for the user's Tile Collection using General... query:
type: Tile Collection, owner: <user>)
the name will be like <userid>-Tile Collection
3. Delete the Tile Collection.

The next time the user accesses their home page, a new Tile Collection will
created for them based on their Group and Role.

If instead, finer-grained control is needed, the following technique should be
used. For example, the user has accidentally unpinned their Inbox, but they
have other pinned objects that they don't want to lose.

1. Launch RAC or web client.
2. Expand the Tile collection.
3. Search for the user's Tile Collection (as above).
4. Select the inherited Tile to restore, select:
Edit -> Properties On Relation...
5. Mark the "Hidden" property as non-hidden