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Hi, I got confused about this topics "precise/imprecise".


I try to write here clearly what I cannot understand and can understand.



Precise assemblies are fixed structures of specific item revisions. A precise assembly has links (occurrences) to specific item revisions of its components. When a component is modified to a new revision, you manually edit the assembly to remove the old revision of the component and replace it with the new.


Imprecise assemblies are dynamic and refer to items, not specific item revisions, as their components. Teamcenter applies a revision rule to determine the revision of each component in the product structure when it is loaded.



I can understand what it is. When I do hands-on in Teamcenter, BVR is attached under each Item Revision. When I click the BVR(which is not released and modifiable (OOTB behavior )), every BVR has precisely store the last modified structure.


For example,   the BVR of A has its own structure and the BVR has its own strcure which is different from the BVR of Item Revision A even though this is imprecise structure. It behaves as Precise structure. 


 - BV

 - Item Revision A

    - BVR

 -  Item Revision B

    - BVR


 At this point, I cannot understand what is the difference between Precise and Imprecise clearly.

These behavior is same. 


Could you tell me what is the difference between them clearly?



Re: Precise/Imprecsie

Check the revision rule you have set. If the revision rule contains "Precise", the structure behaves as precise. You can find more details in documentation under topic revision rule.

Re: Precise/Imprecsie

I check the revision rule.  The revision rule is Latest working. 

If possible, could you tell me the example of the behavior of Precise/Imprecise?


Re: Precise/Imprecsie

Hello Gimec,


Found one discussion here which will help you understand about precise/Imprecise.



Swapnil Gawas
Testing, Teamcenter 11.2.x | Active Workspace 3.x