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Project ID and Project Name attributes for IRDC form.

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Hello ,

I preapared a IRDC form in BMIDE.When Document item is created , Project Manag. Form is attached to created item automatically. Then , i want to fill some areas according to the created item's attributes such as project id and project name. But i couldn't see them as a property . I added the some properties succesfully such as item id -name and revision.How can i add the project information to IRDC form. ?


1-) İtem and IRDC form :


2-)Project Yonetim Plani Configurations operation.

I add new custom property as "Project Name " and select exchange direction to "Teamcenter to file". Then i select related or referenced objects < İtem Revision . However , i can not see the project name in attributes area.

Also this item 000209/A is assigned to PRJ-001/Test (test project).


Thanks for helps

Best Regards