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Property Keywords for Excel Templates


Hello all,


I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out how to find a list of the Teamcenter-based property keywords for Excel templates. I'm sure there is a way to figure this out, but I unfortunately could not find it.


Based off their documentation:

1. they tell you to encapsulate the property with braces ({ })

2. precede the property by a percent sign (%)

3. type in exactly how it is in the database.


Using the syntax {%Actual-Property-Name}


giving an example for {%object_type} forthe property "Type" (which is logical)


While giving other examples:


type -> {%object_type}

ObjectDescription - > {%object_desc}

last_mod_date -> {%last_mod_date}



Other than type, it doesn't seem to follow these 3 rules with every property with Teamcenter-based properties. I just have to trial-and-error ways to get the property to fill in.


I know NX has a list of $_SH_PART_NAME type codes, so I was just wondering if Teamcenter did as well.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





Re: Property Keywords for Excel Templates

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Have you tried to use the real name of the property displayed in BMIDE?


Re: Property Keywords for Excel Templates

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There are two tables in Live Excel, the Rules Table and the Property Table. You can't use cut/paste. You can't remove, add or change the order of the Rules table columns. You can't apply formatting to empty cells. And many other restrictions. Some things they don't tell you is that you don't want to mix properties from the Item with the Item Revision as they should be organized on separate rows. If you want the rows to pack then the property should be in its own column as well. You can add processing options to the template by right-click > Edit Properties, Excel Template Rules, apply_packing (for instance).

I had to create a TransferMode, ClosureRule and PropertySet (PLMXML / TCXML Export Import Administration) before using Live Excel so that I could populate the Rules Table.

Properties use the internal name (BMIDE) and not the display name (RAC). Are you using custom Item types?

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