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We need detailed information about user/person qualification. We want to qualificate people as S1, S2, S3, S4 according to disciplines.


We want to define people exampled below in teamcenter :


Person 01 is at the  level of S1 for disciplin of fuel system and level of S3 for disciplin of combustion control system.


Is it possible to add a person to any level (and disciplin) or change his level automatically via workflow?

Is is possible to restrict selecting the sign-off user in Review Task in workflow up to the levels (for example, only S3 or above level people can be selected as a sign-off user)?


TC has Qualification view and discipline tab, attached you can see. I can also see them in schedule manager while assigning resources. But there is no restriction to assign and I could not find a way to define the qualification information automatically.

TUSAS Engine Industries, Inc.

Re: Qualification

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
I think you would need custom handlers for that level of validation.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Qualification


I havent tried it myself. But i think you can specify the qualification and level or a discipline which is required to perform a task in schedule manager. And you have this handler AUTOSCHEDULING-person-reassign-validate which can be used to validate when you assign/reassign a workflow task associated with the schedule task to ensure the signoff member has the right qualification/level or discipline.


f you are not using schedule tasks, then validation of qualification will require a custom handler.

In one of our implementation, we created a generic rule handler which evaluates a BMIDE condition. The condition name is an argument to the handler. The condition is evaluted to verify the user has right qualification and level based on need.


Currently, i dont think there is any handler available to assign qualification to a user. But there are ITK API to do the same. So a simple custom handler would be good enough.