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Query for orphaned ImanReservation objects

Hi guys,


I'm trying to prepare query to find all orphaned ImanReservation POM objects and have some issues with it.

Search class is 'ImanReservation'

What I'm trying to achieve is to find those ones having no references to any other object.

So far my query look like :


Anyway some of the ImanReservations listed by query above have relation to ImanRelation object.

How I can exclude them to have only ImanReservations which have no relation at all?

In other words how I can setup 'Referenced By' to be NULL. Any idea?


NX10.0.3.5 MP4 & TC

Re: Query for orphaned ImanReservation objects



You may want to use OOTB 'collect_garbage' utility in query mode with report out to list out unreferenced objects.



Re: Query for orphaned ImanReservation objects



collect_garbage works for WorkspaceObjects only and ImanReservation is a POM_object. That's why I'm trying to build a TC query to find them all.  Missing point in the query is to ensure that object from search class have no references at all ;-(



NX10.0.3.5 MP4 & TC