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Query to Search for All item Revisions

We have a custom query to search for All custom item revisions based on an attribute on revision master form called 'release_no'. All the custom item types were defined in Teamcenter Engineering ( no BMIDE ).


Recently we defined a new item type ( in Unified ) and the item revision master form attribute is now 'NAV4_release_no' ( BMIDE does not allow without prefix ).


Custom Query that fetches all item revisions based on value entered in 'release_no' attribute is not fetching the revisions that have the revision master form attribute defined as 'NAV4_release_no' .


For short term we provided another query which fetches revisions based on revision master form attribute 'NAV4_release_no'. users have to perform 2 queries to collect all their revisions.


Any suggestions or recommendations on how to address this issue in the long term  ( Single query that fetches objects that were created in engineering and Unified ) ?


Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

If both properties are on ItemRevisionMaster (I hope the new property NAV4... is not on Master form of the new custom item/itemRevision), then:


1. Create new instance of OOTB query "Item Revision..."

2. Remove object_type = Item Revision from search criteria, so that all child classes are included (considering custom ItemRev type created in unified)

3. Add properties release_no and NAV4_release_no (by traversing through ItemRev Master) in 2 separate lines in search criteria. BOTH lines with OR as logical operator


In step 3, if it's not possible to traverse upto the properties on master form, then you will have to create 2 compound properties on ItemRevision class to have these properties on ItemRevision class.

Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

'NAV4_release_no' is on the master form of the newly defined item revision master form.


was able to create the query but when providing the release no value on 'release_no' field query is returning item revisions with empty 'release_no' value.



 if release number is entered in both fields then query is returning correct results.

 if release number is entered in nav4_rel_no then query is returning correct results.




Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

Can you try the same query with BMIDE-properties ?
I have no idea about pre-BMIDE properties as I never worked in TcEng. May be this has something to do with that ?
This is not happening in my case i.e. both properties (created in BMIDE) which I entered in search criteria are with logical operator OR and if I do not specify value to a property, that property is not considered in search.

Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

We are on Teamcenter Unified Are you referring to Compound Properties when you say BMIDE-properties ?

Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

I mean difference in behavior of custom property created in BMIDE (NAV4_rel_no) and custom property in pre-BMIDE (rel_no)

Re: Query to Search for All item Revisions

its working now. There was an extra clause to filter revisions based on item_revision_id.