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Question about checker and approver

Hi guys,


My customer has a 2 stepped workflow for checking.

1st step is to check - guys job is checker.

2nd step is to approve - guys job is approver.



I want to get the attributes for these 2 steps and want to put them into the drawing template.

How can I find the attributes for the first step and the second step?




Re: Question about checker and approver

What are the attributes and what are the targets in this workflow. If attributes are available on the targetobject, then reviewer has to be given write access to change the attribute values.

Re: Question about checker and approver

Actually the workflow changes the values without problems.


Initially there was only one step, and the attribute was CHECKER.


At the approval state, the workflow puts the name of the checker without problems this way.

But, since I added the second step by copying the approval step in the workflow, now there are 2 checkers and, when the first checker approves, his name is written here and 2nd checkers name is not updated.

Because of this, I wanted to add another row, make one Checker(this will be the name coming from the first step), and Approver(this will be coming from the second step) and use their attributes. The target is ItemRevison if I did not get you wrong as you asked the target.

I attached the workflow template also.



Re: Question about checker and approver

Its better if you have defined roles for example



But this attribute (Runtime) is saved or written to Itemrevision. It might change at second stage of Review task. 

Better incorporate an audit file which gives a exact picture who is in signoff team and who performed.