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Question about sharing FCC


While installing RAC using tem.bat, we get on FCC page an option "Use existing FCC". In which case is this useful ?


For information:

I had a working installation of 4-tier RAC and then I installed 2-Tier RAC (the same server for both RAC-installations) with option "use existing FCC". Installation was successful, but I could not login due to error:


com.teamcenter.soa.client.SoaRuntimeException: Could not connect to "iiop:localhost:1572/TcServer1" via IIOP


Re: Question about sharing FCC

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Installing multiple clients on a single machine is challenging. It could be that one installation has a certain group of features that another installation doesn't require (like an Admin client versus a Office Worker client versus a CAD User client, etc) or it could be that you have multiple environments that all have the same feature set (like DEV, TST and PRD). Either use-case is valid.


What is happening when you choose "Use existing FCC"? It means that the environment variable FMS_HOME will use the existing value instead of the new value for the current installation. That results in the FCC pointing to the older installation on startup. Even if you were able to start Teamcenter without error, files would be stored in the older installs volumes becuase that's what FCC is connecting to.


You'll need to adapt the startup script.


The startup script location and name can vary depending on which type of the rich client you're installating. There are several:

  • Over-The-Web, %PORTAL_ROOT%\rac\otwportal.bat
  • TEM 4tier, %PORTAL_ROOT%\portal\portal.bat
  • TEM 2tier, %TC_ROOT%\portal\portal.bat


You'll want to change the line:

if not defined FMS_HOME set FMS_HOME=E:\Siemens\Teamcenter10\tccs


To read:

set FMS_HOME=E:\Siemens\Teamcenter10\tccs


Removing "if not defined FSM_HOME" will force the setting of FMS_HOME to the correct location no matter what anything else says. You'll need to do this for every installation that exists on the same client.




Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Question about sharing FCC

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the detailed information!