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READ ME FIRST: Welcome to the Teamcenter Administrator's Forum

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Teamcenter administrator's forum. If you're new to the community, feel free to introduce yourself!   Here is everything you need to know about using the Teamcenter Community. This is where you can share experiences, ask questions, and join the discussion intended to help users be more successful with Teamcenter. This is a community effort, so don’t be afraid to pitch in!  We need YOU to help make this a valuable forum for all.


Getting Started

Just a reminder: The forum does not take the place of technical support. The Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) is your first call for technical support ... and technical questions will be referred to GTAC. Or, if you have a maintenance agreement with a Siemens partner/reseller, your first call for support should be to them.


We have two forums: one for users and one for administrators. Be sure to post in the forum that’s right for your content. The forum is searchable, so you can check for similar topics or threads to find what you are looking for, contribute to an ongoing conversation or start a new conversation. If you have information that should be posted on our user's forum, that is also open for your discussion.


When posting to the forum, please use a label to indicate what exactly you are talking about. This helps you get an answer faster, and you can subscribe to labels to follow conversations on a specific topic. To help people find each post, please use the following labels to identify which topic your post fits:


  • Active Workspace
  • BOM Management
  • Design Management
  • Document Management
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Process Execution
  • Product Cost Management
  • Quality Management with CAPA
  • Requirements Management
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
  • Systems Engineering
  • Teamcenter Mobility
  • Teamcenter on the Cloud
  • Teamcenter Rapid Start
  • Visualization 

Lastly, each month we send out the Teamcenter News with articles primarily for the benefit of customers, but new data privacy laws mean we can only send the news to you if you opt into our mailing list. Start from this link to sign up. Once you enter your email address, check your inbox to verify your identity and manage your preferences. On the linked page from "Manage Preferences," scroll down to the bottom and type in "Teamcenter" to get on the list. That's all there is to it, and you will receive the Teamcenter News in your inbox each month!


If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, the Teamcenter community manager, (@Katie_Dudek).


Have fun, and welcome to the conversation!




P.S.  Don’t forget GTAC, your official SPLM source for product support.