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Rapid Start Help

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Starting with the Teamcenter 11.6 and 12.1 releases, we have reorganized and delineated the Rapid Start Help from the Teamcenter Help.


With the delineation, you now have access to Help content that is pertinent only to Rapid Start. Previously, you would have had to sort through the entire Teamcenter Help to find content relevant to Rapid Start. As Rapid Start is primarily a PDM solution, a lot of the content in the Teamcenter Help was not applicable to Rapid Start.


Further, the Rapid Start Help has been significantly reorganized to focus on user tasks and to aid findability of content. The Rapid Start Help has two sets:


  • The first set is called Rapid Start Administration Help. This part of the Help is meant for Rapid Start administrators and deals with installing, configuring, and setting up Rapid Start for a site. It includes help around setting up Active Workspace too.
  • The second set is called Rapid Start Help. This part of the Help is meant for business users to help them carry out their business tasks using Rapid Start. The Help includes instructions for business procedures for both Active Workspace and Rich Client.


The Help is available on Documentation Center in both HTML and PDF formats (webkey required):


  • Rapid Start 11.6 Administration Help (HTML | PDF)
  • Rapid Start 11.6 Help (HTML | PDF)
  • Rapid Start 12.1 Administration Help (HTML | PDF)
  • Rapid Start 12.1 Help (HTML | PDF)


You can also set up the Help on a server within your network. Help kits to install the Help locally for Rapid Start 11.6 and 12.1 are available on GTAC (webkey required).


We will continue to improve the Rapid Start Help over the next few releases. If you use Rapid Start, we would love to engage with you and get your inputs on how we can make the Help better for our users.