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RapidStart 11.2.0 default SQL DB user/password

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I have some trouble understanding the significance between defining the different user/password combinations during the MS SQL installation, as well as during the RapidStart 11.2.0 installation. I have outlined three scenarios below that I have been experimenting with but have trouble knowing the difference between.


For reference, I have three Windows accounts available: "Administrator", "infodba" and "dba"


  1. To begin, when I have previously installed MS SQL Server 2008 there was always an option "use same account" to access the server (dba/dba), and choose the same account (dba/dba) for mixed mode authentication (per the server installation guide for TC 10.1). Later, when installing Teamcenter normally from scratch (no rapid start) and using the MS SQL template file with the MSSQL Server Management Studio, I then used infodba/infodba as the default user/password for the database per the server installation guide. I do not understand the distinction between using dba/dba as login to the SQL server and using it for mixed mode authentication, and infodba/infodba as another login to the database when using the template.

  2. During the "Quick and Preconfigured Install" option for Teamcenter RapidStart 11.2.0, there is an option to choose the database user and a password for an MSSQL DB. Despite entering the information to an account that exists in the database (sa/sa), the installer creates its own database user (tc_user) with its own password. Shouldn't it be creating the user I define in the fields during installation? Or am I misunderstanding the relationship between the account I type in the field and the default account the installer creates automatically?

  3. During the installation of MS SQL Server 2014, the "use same account"-button to define an account for access to the server (as shown in MS SQL 2008 installer) is gone. Instead, I suppose I can leave the values to default or define an account (that exists in the server), but doing any of these two choices does not seem to make a difference once I have installed Teamcenter RapidStart 11.2.0. I suspect this is because the installer creates its own user (tc_user) to login to the database with. But then what consequence do the values entered in the MS SQL install have?


To summarize, I don't understand how dba/dba, sa/sa, infodba/infodba, tc_user/password interact with each other or the SQL database.


I hope my question is clear enough! Can anyone give a simple explanation?


Thank you.




Re: RapidStart 11.2.0 default SQL DB user/password

In general, Teamcenter wants to use a single dedicated database account to connect to database, create tables modify the contents of the tables etc.  It is a good practice not to use Database administrator account (i.e sa in MSSQL, system/sys etc in Oracle) as Teamcenter's database account.


I have not seen the installation screens for the versions that you are referrring... My guess is that tc_user/infodba are Teamcenter database account while sa/dba are MSSQL database administrator accounts.

Re: RapidStart 11.2.0 default SQL DB user/password

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Thank you very much for your reply.


So I guess the difference between the accounts is like you said; one account for accessing the SQL database through Windows (i.e. the Windows "dba" account I mentioned at the top of the OP) and one different account  (unrelated to Windows accounts) to access the database through Teamcenter.


Although going back to installing RapidStart 11.2.0, I have attached two screenshots to show what I mean.


Default values of the MS SQL Screen during installation.Default values of the MS SQL Screen during installation.

These are the default values during installation when selecting to use a MSSQL DB. "sa" is already predefined as a default username for the database user... No matter what I put in this field (as long as the user exists in the database), I am presented with the next screenshot.


This window shows up when pressing "Next" after inputting the values for an MS SQL Server during installation.This window shows up when pressing "Next" after inputting the values for an MS SQL Server during installation.

Once done filling in the fields in the installer, I am presented with this window telling me the values the installer will use. The installer seems to create a default database user and password (tc_user), despite what I entered into the fields in the installer. It is mainly this which I am confused about, since I would expect the values in this window to correspond with the database user I defined in the installer. Like I mentioned earlier, no matter what user I input during the installation (given that the user exists), it doesn't seem to make a difference on the installation as a whole. Is this an error in the installer or an error with my understanding?

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‎08-10-2016 09:32 AM

Re: RapidStart 11.2.0 default SQL DB user/password

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I think I have figured it out, it was mainly due to my lack of attention during the MS SQL installation process.

When the MS SQL Installer asks for a password when choosing Mixed Mode Authentication, it asks to define the password for the system administrator (sa) account. Consequently, during the Teamcenter RapidStart installation, the Database System User is predefined as "sa", so in the password field i should write the password for "sa" that I defined during the MS SQL Installation process. Logically, inputting the credentials for "sa" during the TcRS install which I defined in the MS SQL Install worked.

I guess Teamcenter needs to know the credentials for the "sa" account in order to log in to the database and create its own default database user that Teamcenter will use (tc_user). I realized that this step corresponds to the manual steps of creating a database with a user using the database template file when installing a non-rapidstart Teamcenter installation.

I think I understand it now, but if I have misunderstood please correct me.

Re: RapidStart 11.2.0 default SQL DB user/password

You are correct.