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Remove Teamcenter Items

Hello Everyone,


what're the best Practices to Remove Teamcenter Items? Mainly when there is an Assembly with several Items.



Best Regards!

Eduardo Schmoller


Re: Remove Teamcenter Items

Hello Eduardo,

Removing / Deleting items from Assembly is a lot of careful work. For me, these are the pre-requisites.

  • Pen and Paper: to take notes/record as I work through the assembly as the removal activity is iterative and frustrating at times.
  • Full or partial report (hard copy) of the assembly/BOM

Broadly remove action is

  • Remove an item from all its parent child hard relations on  using impact analysis --> Where used
  • Remove an item from its references using impact analysis --> Where referenced

Remove an item from Assembly

  • Structure manager has some handy bom line columns to indicate an item's release status, parents / childrens etc. In addition you can switch on the data panel or Home view to view references from Structure Manager
  • I usually start from the leaf level Items and do a where used to locate parent - child relation that I can cut. It is good to be watchful on quantity adjustments, sequence numbers, substitutes/replacements, pack/unpack, occurrence attachments etc if assembly is impacted partially
  • From each Assembly, it is better to locate all item's occurrences and remove them. do save the assembly to detect circular referencing etc.

Remove an item from References

  • Some of the references an item/item rev may have is: workflow job, change object, CAD Doc relations, released object, has alternate IDs attached, global alternates, part of baselines/snapshots etc.
  • Once the item is removed from all BOMs, you can delete the BOM View and BOM View revisions.


Look at it any way, it is a lot of work!



Re: Remove Teamcenter Items

Give the TC utility "delete_item_data". This is designed to delete item revisions regardless of any references. You can be specific as to what related data is deleted along with the revision is deleted and / or specify what related objects to keep.

NOTE: This will delete item revisions that are referenced in TC!!

Also, if the item has only one revision it will delete the revision and item simultaneously. Deleting all existing revisions under an item will also delete the item.

I would test out this method with dumb data prior to jumping into the total deletion of an assembly.

Good Luck.

Re: Remove Teamcenter Items

Thanks, Mark!

where can I find this utility?

Re: Remove Teamcenter Items

TC bin directory