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Removing a template database from the data model

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hi guys,


I've been playing with BMIDE within my test environment.

I had problems with my first project so I deleted it and created a new one.

I've made changes to my second project and wanted to update the template using TEM, but I still see the first project's template and because of it, NEXT button is not active.

How can I remove the template with the exclamation mark as below?

Right now, I can not do any update. Thanks!





Re: Removing a template database from the data model

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Solution Partner Phenom

Hi Cem,


Removing a template isn't easy but its not impossible since you own it (and the source code). I'm assuming that you've already removed data that was created with this template (if any) and that there are no dependencies templates that need to be removed first. Also, that you don't have any pending data model changes that have to be deployed (to sync model dir and db) first before the template can be deleted.


Warning! You will not be able to remove a template unless all the data that was created with it is deleted first. No references!



  • Remove any data model definitions in BMIDE (empty the template). All except the master.xml and dependency.xml in the extension files should have no content between the tags Add, Change and Delete.
  • Repeat the same for <project>/extensions/lang.
  • Package the template and deploy to delete any data model definitions associated with this template in the db.

Now we have to manually delete/edit Teamcenter files:

  • Delete TC_ROOT\install\<template>
  • Edit/Remove from TC_ROOT\install\configuration.xml
  • Edit/Remove from TC_ROOT\install\uninstall.xml (note the txt file name)
  • Delete TC_ROOT\install\ziplist\<noted txt file name>.txt
  • Delete TC_ROOT\install\install\modules\feature_<template>.xml
  • Delete TC_ROOT\install\install\lang\en_US\<template>Bundle_en_US.xml (same for other lang as needed)
  • Edit/Remove from TC_DATA\model\FileVersions.txt
  • Edit/Remove from TC_DATA\model\master.xml
  • Delete from TC_DATA\model\<template>_dependency.xml
  • Delete TC_DATA\model\<template>_template.xml
  • Delete TC_DATA\model\lang\en_US\<template>Bundle_en_US.xml (and others as needed)
  • Run manage_model_files -upg -option=upload (pointing to TC_DATA\model)

You've cleaned up the DB and Teamcenter dirs, next you have to clean up the DS's in Teamcenter.

  • Launch Rich Client (as infodba)
  • Find folder Fnd0BMIDEResource
  • Delete <template>_template.xml, <template>_dependency.xml, <template>_template_en_US.xml (and other as needed)
  • Exit Rich Client

Finally, we've cleaned up everything and can remove the template:

  • Edit/Remove from TC_DATA/install/models.xml to remove <template> entries.
  • Run bmide_manage_templates -upg -option=remove -template=<template_name>

Note: these steps were captured from the BMIDE best practices guide (section 20.3) with a few additions from me discovered during a template renaming effort.


As you can see, removing a template is not easy and many things can go wrong.


With all that said, the easiest way is to rollback to before the template was added, since you've been maintaining backups as an extraordinary admin/developer. Or to abandon the environment and reclone from production to start over.








Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: Removing a template database from the data model

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Download this Business_Modeler_IDE_Best_Practices_Guide_V2.16.pdf document and refer section 20 .How to remove a template