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Report on end-items and multiple where used

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One of our customers wants to have the following report. Based on the input of x number of end-items (top-level assemblies) that they want to phase out. They want to create a report that:

  1. shows to the lowest level all the childs of the given top-level assemblies.
  2. Does a where-used on those childs and lists all the top-level assemblies in a sepparate colmn
  3. optionally: marks the top-level assemblies  that where part of the input. This could also be done mannualy afterwards if this is tricky.

I would like to hear:

  1. if such a report is possible.
  2. If customizations are required? or can this be done with OOTB functionalities.
  3. What kind of functionallities are needed, ie; transfer rule, report, etc..

Any other sugestions to tackle this use-case? The customer wants to phase out for example 10 - 40 products and these products each contain 50 - 200 unique parts. doing a manual where-used on all these parts is kind of time consuming Smiley Happy


thanks in advance for any replies!


Draft use-case:





Re: Report on end-items and multiple where used

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p.s. if someone is interrested in delevering such a report as a service sent me a mail. I would like to give the end-result back to the community though!