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Required DB Role Membership MS SQL Server 2014, TC 11.2.2

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Let's say that the database administrative user is defined during the SQL Server installation as "dba", and the database during TC install is created using the MSSQL DB creation script within the installation files (\\root\tc\db_scripts\mssql\create_database.sql.template), where within the script "infodba" is defined as the user to access the database.


I have two questions, the first pertaining to the DB creation script, and the second pertaining to Teamcenter usage.


1. In the DB script, the following line is called for the defined user:


exec sp_addsrvrolemember N'infodba', sysadmin

Doesn't this make the consecutive role assignments redundant? Also, is it not a security risk to apply a sysadmin role to infodba in this context?


2. Is the "dba" account in this case only necessary during initial installation, or is it needed for every-day use of Teamcenter and upgrades of the server/client? In other words, is it possible to disable the "dba" account after the Teamcenter environment is fully installed, or is it required that it be activated even during normal Teamcenter operation?


Thank you.