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Requirment Management; Importing Structured documents; Exporting pdf

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hello Community,


I need your support for general as well as special Information around Requirement Management (RAC and AWC)  in the following issues:


  1. Importing Excel-files as a structered Document. I have good Solutions by using a word-document, but for excel it doesn´t work. I think there are some Features missing (Installation, Configruation). In case of Word I got an Dialog but not for Excel Import

17-09-_2018_12-02-38.pngHere the RAC - only word-documents

2018_12-25-30.pngAWC for excel - only root dialog and it doesn´t work


17-09-_2018_12-17-11.pngAWC for word - it look´s good




































2. The preparation of the Excel-file. In case of a Word-file it´s easy: I´m using different Format-Types. What´s the way in an Excel-File?


4. Exporting partially or complete Requirement-Structures as pdf
Dispatcher or Office/pdf-creator??


Many thanks, Frank



 Point 2 above: The options in the Import Dialog are automatically shown when the Excel-sheet is preconfigured.

There is a helpful link:


The creation of the structure with the different types (requirement specification, requirement und paragraphs) works very well. But the content of the excel-cells make some trouble: Only from one Column the content has been. I have s overtaken. Here an example:

19-09-_2018_17-10-08.pngThe content of columns C,D and E should be overtaken







And here the Result:


19-09-_2018_17-18-07.pngThe values of the Name-column are not shown