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Restrict number of in-work (no status) Revisions to 1


I've seen this functionality at two previous Teamcenter sites, but have never seen or been a part of getting it set up.

I need to remove the user's ability to revise an Item Revision, Drawing Revision, etc. if there is already an unreleased Revision in Teamcenter. Basically want to ensure that there is never more than one un-statused revision in the system.


I've searched BMIDE and Teamcenter options trying to find where to specify this, but haven't had any luck...seems like it would be a fairly simple task. I always took it for granted at the sites I've seen it implemented in.


Re: Restrict number of in-work (no status) Revisions to 1

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You are in the right spot...

Here's an excerpt from a previous post:
For MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev to be processed the user has to set the precondition checkLatestReleased on the ITEM_copy_rev operation of the ItemRevision Business Object. Once checkLatestReleased is set and MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev is set to a number >=1, its value will be checked and a warning message will be presented to the user, it the user tries to create more revisions than those set by MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev.

Firstly I created a project in BMIDE and in order of business object=> Item Revision => top tab(Main) sub tab(Business Object Constant). In Business Object constant; there are 3 values to change (MaxAllowedWorkforRevsforItemCopyRev,MaxAllowedWorkforRevsforItemCreate,MaxAllowedWorkforRevsItemCpRevexist) this values default "-1",this means you can create unlimited revisions. But when you change the values to "1",therefore only one working revision on the System. After that you should attach "checkLatestReleased" to Item Revision(Operations tab)=> there are 3 values (ITEM_copy_rev,ITEM_copy_rev_to_existing,ITEM_create_rev). You should add "checkLatestReleased" to them. (I think this way include all revisions)

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: Restrict number of in-work (no status) Revisions to 1




Under item revision properties, operations-ITEM_copy_rev-Pre-Condition-add "checklatestreleased", Deploy. it should work.


Try in Test server before deployin production

Re: Restrict number of in-work (no status) Revisions to 1


That worked @RandyEllsworth! Thanks so much.

I followed your directions to the letter, and am seeing the desired behavior.