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Resubmitting Dispatcher Failed Jobs



We use TC11.2 with SolidWorks 2016. Dispatcher is configured to create PDFs of Issued drawings.  Periodically we get failures.  I have several batch files that STOP (dispatcher processes, Sworks, java, tao etc) START dispatcher proceses, and RESUBMIT (dispatcher_util state=TERMINAL).  Works a treat most of the time.


Some failed jobs are down to the SolidWorks models not being downloaded, so a resubmit of the failed job doesnt work as the files havent been downloaded.


Whilst I know I need to investigate why the models arent being exported..... What I want in the meantime is way to submit failed drawings again - automatically as possible.


We have IPS, so i can move revisions to folders and submit to workflows - but i need the item ID and rev id to do this. dispatcher_util a=list just gives me the job uid...  I could query statused revisions without a pdf, which will work in most scenarios... But we use minor revisions, which means that a PDF will exist and is being overwritten, so this query wont work in this situation. Now I have written all this down I think I need a complex query!


Any other ideas welcome!!




Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant

Re: Resubmitting Dispatcher Failed Jobs

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

You could use dispatcher_util to get the TERMINAL TaskIDs for the dispatcher service you are looking for.

Run it periodically and extract the TaskIDs to resubmit the jobs.

Note that this has to be run within the time prior having Dispatcher cleaning up the TERMINAL requests ...


However, I would not do that, it will re-trigger all failed translations, again and again.

At my site I am capturing failed translations during/by the translator script itself ( yes, I know I will not get informations on requests failing before the translator script starts - I can live with that ).

These cases are reported to the admins on a daily base sent by e-mail in the morning, telling the translations failed yesterday.

Thomas Zwatz, CADadmin, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH
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